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Dashing Diva Review: I stopped going to Nail Salon

My Journey of Self-Nail Care I do love going to a nail salon. Pleasant scent, that feeling of “being cared”, the hand massage at the end… No reason to hate this amazing place. However, even before the current COVID19 situation, I stopped going to a nail salon since like… 5 years ago. Spending a minimum […]


Isntree Spot Saver Mugwort Special Set Review

Overview This set consists of…  Mugwort Toner Pads 60 Sheets  Mugwort Ampoule 50ml  Mugwort Cream 50ml  Mugwort Gauze Mask 2EA Price: $93 (Now $43.70 at Olive Young!) My Skin Profile: I bought this product to address hormonal acne and uneven skin tone ( to relieve the redness in the cheek area) 1. Isntree Mugwort Toner […]

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Vegan Face Oil Review – Beigic Regenerating Oil

I am so excited to share my first vegan product review! As I kept feeling my skin was drying out inside, I chose face oil (vs moisturizer) for stronger hydration and protection. As I always wanted to try vegan products, and as I knew Biegic’s hero product is its regenerating oil, it was an easy […]

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Clio Cushion Reveiw – Kill Cover Founwear XP

Clio cushion, especially Kill Cover Founwear XP is known for its strong coverage and long last (48 hour). Since I found a lot of compliments from Korean beauty Youtubers as well as it is ranked as # 2 in the cushion foundation category in the Hwahae app, I bought the product back in May. Since […]

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Olive Young Global Review

Why Olive Young Global As I covered at my previous post TOP 5 BEAUTY SHOPPING CHANNELS IN KOREA, Olive Young is the number one beauty shopping channel in Korea. When I heard about its global site launch last Summer, I was so excited! Because there have been only a handful of sites where I could […]