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Brand Deep Dive: Beplain

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I am starting this brand deep dive series to introduce rising brands in Korea. I noticed there are some newbie brands that are flying off in the market but are barely known elsewhere outside Korea. I thought it would be fun to share information on such brands.

The first brand that I will cover is… Beplain! Some of you might have heard of this brand from its hero product Cicaful ampoule or Greenful PH-Balanced Cleansing Foam. But maybe not many details about the brand itself. Who are you, Be Plain? 

Beplain Brand Philosophy

Beplain defines itself as a Clean Beauty🌱 Its slogan says “Stree-free Clean Cosmetic for all men and women”. It promises to become a responsible, clean beauty brand to be mindful of the environment and sustainability. It commits to eco-friendly packaging, cruelty-free, and safe ingredients. 

Beplain meaning

I found verbiage on the brand naming in the interview of the CEO (source:

 “As the brand name Beplain gives you this plain (general) feeling, we embrace multiple generations and genders. Genderless and clean beauty are our key strategies”

Beplain’s ultimate goal is known to become the first company or brand when you hear Korea’s Clean Beauty. 

Beplain Official Website

They have their own brand & e-commerce site which is only served in Korean. However, they have a global IG handle in English so check out here for their posts. 

Beplain Brand History

Beplain is a brand owned by a company called Moments Company, which is an affiliate company of Birdview which owns and operates Hwahae. I was surprised to find this out at first but at the same time, I believe it is quite a smart move from the business perspective 📊

he brand was founded in 2018. Just in around one year, it recorded annual revenue of $2.3M in 2019, where 10% of them coming from overseas including the US, China, Japan, and Singapore. I couldn’t find more recent data, but it seems like it is growing fast in the global market. In the US, Beplain has its branded store at

Beplain Cicaful Ampoule

How is the brand growing so fast? It seems like the hype started from Cicaful Ampoule, one of its hero products. 

Cicaful ampule has ranked #1 in Hwahae’s essence/serum/ampoule/ category for months. It also once ranked #1 in the serum category in Shopee Singapore. It also gained more reputation since Director Pi, one of the famous Korean beauty YouTubers selected as the best soothing ampoule in her video. Truthful to its product name, it contains 84% Centella Asiatica extract along with other soothing ingredients such as Chamomile flower extract and Rice Ferment Filtrate. 

💬Fun Fact: it is known that male users enjoy using this product as an after-shave treatment to quickly soothe the irritated area. 

Beplain Cicaful Ampoule 2nd Generation

Did you know that there’s the 2nd generation of Cicaful Ampoule? The brand launched the upgraded version by including customer feedback to strengthen moisturizing effects. It included hydrating agents such as low-molecule hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Instead, they removed any fermented ingredients to make it more acceptable to the larger audience; as fermented ingredients have polarized reviews. Following suit of the 1st version, the 2nd generation ampoule has gained traction among the customers. I think I’ll try this one as my next daily serum ☝

Beplain Chamomile ph-balanced toner

Beplain Chamomile Ph-balanced toner is another hero product that is especially beloved by senior customers. 80.6% of this product consists of chamomile extract from France 🌼 Its low PH level (5.5) makes it comfortable to apply to our skin – human skin’s surface is naturally acidic (around 4.7), making it compatible with acidic (low-PH) skincare products. 

💬Fun Fact: Beplain also later launched Chamomile ph-balanced lotion reflecting customers feedback and requests. 

Beplain PH Balanced Cleansing Foam

Another bestsellers of Beplain is Greenful PH-Balanced Cleansing Foam. It is been ranked as #1 cleansing foam in Hwahae and Olive Young. It contains 33% mungbean extract, which is known to be effective in cleasning, traditionally in Korea. 

Final Thoughts

After reading a CEO interview (in Korean) and browsing its site, Beplain seems to be the brand that is very on-trend and knows what the customers want by being clean, eco-friendly, and inclusive (genderless). Although at first, I was surprised to find out it is an affiliate company of Hwahae, I see their strengths in their competitive products and customer-centric strategy.

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Did you find this post interesting? Please give any feedback in the comment section and let me know which brand you want me to do some digging in my next posts! 😎