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2023 Hwahae Beauty Award (Skincare)

Hwahae announced the top K-Beauty products that were beloved throughout last year – 2023 Hwahae Beauty Awards! 🏆 Below products are the list of # 1 ranked products by each category within skincare. 2023 Hwahae Beauty Award: Skincare 🧴 2023 Hwahae Beauty Award: Cleansing/Peeling 🧼 2023 Hwahae Beauty Award: Mask/Pack 💦 2023 Hwahae Beauty Award: […]


d’Alba Spray Serum Review

Why I tried d’Alba Spray Serum D’Alba is a relatively fresh face in the K-beauty world, but it’s been making waves with numerous reviews, posts, and videos covering their various products like the spray serum, double serum, and sunscreens in recent years. Among these, D’Alba’s First Spray Serum has garnered quite a bit of attention […]

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Mixsoon Bean Essence Honest Review

Why I tried Mixsoon Bean Essence Struggling with persistent whiteheads and exfoliation? If you’re like me, blackheads may have gradually disappeared with age, but whiteheads seem to be an everyday ordeal. Although I adore the CNP Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit for tackling whiteheads, the cost of using it daily can be a burden on […]

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Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen Review

Why I bought Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen I first got to know about Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen from a couple of Korean beauty Youtubers. One of them praised this product so much that it didn’t feel like a sunscreen at all, but more like a moisturizer.  I only got a chance to use […]

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Honest Reviews – illiyoon, Clio, some by mi, and more

Hey K Beauties! Today I want to share my quick, short reviews on 8 different products that I’ve used for the past 4 months. I bought the products at StyleKorean back in January – check out this post for details on my shopping experience at the site.  Illiyoon Fresh Moisture Lip and Eye Remover  ★★★★★ […]