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Best Korean Mascaras with Authentic Reviews

Recently, I’ve found a mascara that I REALLY like and looked back on my mascara history. I realized that I’ve used 15+ mascaras in my life! Some of them I bought and used multiple times but there were always one or two things missing. This time, I’ve found no drawbacks so far from this one, […]

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Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Lotion Review

Illiyoon. I got to know about this hard-to-read brand name several years ago before it became one of the most sought brands for its hypoallergenic moisturizers. With its growing presence in the market with Ceramide Ato Lotion and Fresh Moisture Lip & Eye Remover, I got curious to use its products. And there I went, […]

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Dashing Diva Review: I stopped going to Nail Salon

My Journey of Self-Nail Care I do love going to a nail salon. Pleasant scent, that feeling of “being cared”, the hand massage at the end… No reason to hate this amazing place. However, even before the current COVID19 situation, I stopped going to a nail salon since like… 5 years ago. Spending a minimum […]