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Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen Review

Why I bought Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen I first got to know about Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen from a couple of Korean beauty Youtubers. One of them praised this product so much that it didn’t feel like a sunscreen at all, but more like a moisturizer.  I only got a chance to use […]

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WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color (First Kiss) Honest Review

Why I Bought WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color If someone asks me to choose one product among all makeup products, I would choose a lipstick. For me, lip color makes so much difference so I cannot go anywhere without a lipstick. It was natural for me to be drawn to WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color. […]

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Best Korean Mascaras with Authentic Reviews

Recently, I’ve found a mascara that I REALLY like and looked back on my mascara history. I realized that I’ve used 15+ mascaras in my life! Some of them I bought and used multiple times but there were always one or two things missing. This time, I’ve found no drawbacks so far from this one, […]

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Honest Reviews – illiyoon, Clio, some by mi, and more

Hey K Beauties! Today I want to share my quick, short reviews on 8 different products that I’ve used for the past 4 months. I bought the products at StyleKorean back in January – check out this post for details on my shopping experience at the site.  Illiyoon Fresh Moisture Lip and Eye Remover  ★★★★★ […]

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Mejuri Jewelry Box Review

Hey K-beauties!  This time I am posting a review that is not K-beauty related but hopefully, some of you might find it helpful. This is my review on Mejuri Jewelry Box! 🙌 Intro Why I bought Mejuri Jewelry Box I think I’ve never taken a serious thought on organizing jewelry. I’ve been using a cheap […]