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WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color (First Kiss) Honest Review

Why I Bought WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color

If someone asks me to choose one product among all makeup products, I would choose a lipstick. For me, lip color makes so much difference so I cannot go anywhere without a lipstick.

It was natural for me to be drawn to WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color. I am aware this has become viral in Tiktok, but I’ve come to know about this product via a YouTube video. A lip stain that lasts for a day?! It was mind blowing and I could see overall review videos were positive about this product. So I could not help buying one.

Where to Buy WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color

They have their own brand website, but I decided to buy it from Amazon as I wanted to get it quickly and try it as soon as possible! There was no discount, unfortunately, and I had to pay full price which was $32. With tax, it was slightly over $35. It’s not cheap.

Here’s the shopable Link: Amazon

How to Use WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color

The kit consists of two products – lip masque and activator. You apply the masque like a lip gloss, wait for 40- 45 seconds, and apply a mist type activator. Then you peel off the lip masque.

My Honest Review on WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color

After applying the masque
Ta-da! The final result after peeling off the masque

The first time I tried WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color, I left the masque a little over 1 minute. The result was not good; the color came out so strong that my husband asked me if I was doing Holloween makeup 😂

So I tried again the next day – by the way, the stain went away the next day – leaving the masque for 40 seconds this time following the instruction. It was way better than the previous day, but still, the color came out too strong.

So my advice here! Please start with a shorter time to first test how strong the color comes out. Especially, if you chose a shade like First Kiss.

What I liked about WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color

  • It stayed long (at least for 6 hours for me) so I didn’t have to worry about re-applying lipsticks

What I didn’t like about WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color

  • It dried my lips so bad that it made my lip wrinkles stand out further! I had to apply lip gloss on top of it
  • It is impossible to adjust once applied (at least for 6+ hours)
My lip wrinkles stood out so bad!

Final Thought

If your lips don’t have wrinkles and if you choose the right color, WonderSkin Wonder Blading Lip Color might work for you. However, if you know your lips have quite a lot of wrinkles and drying easily, this product won’t be good for you.

I think I might try one more time when I go on a beach trip someday, just because now I have one. I won’t definitely buy this product again.