3 Step Korean Skincare Routine for Combination Skin (Morning)

Skincare routine, especially for combination skin should not be overwhelming. Just a few steps with potent products will help you retain the right amount of moisture/nutrition. Find out the list of products that are beloved and verified by Korean beauty customers including myself!

3 Steps: Cleanser → Exfoliator → Serum

A morning routine should be simpler than night routine as our face should be bare without any makeup on. Still, I would use one soft cleanser to make sure any excess oil generated overnight to be cleansed and make your skin ready to wear sunscreen/makeup.

Step 1: Cleanser

BE PLAIN Greenful PH-Balanced Cleansing Foam is one of the most beloved cleansers right now in Korea. It is ranked as #1 cleansing foam in Hwahae – a local beauty mobile app with over 5 million customer reviews and ingredient info – now (as of 4/30/2020). It won two awards from Hwahae last year. To sum up some of the reviews from the app,

  • Pros: gentle ingredients, easy to make foam, work for acne/troubles, not drying after use, effective in cleansing
  • Cons: small portion/package (size close to a toothpaste)
  • Available at Amazon ($23.99/2 Packs)

Step 2: Exfoliator

COSRX Original Clear Pad has been a steady bestseller in Korea for the last 3~4 years. It won Hwahae awards since 2016 and is still ranked as #2 in the exfoliator category at the moment It contains Betaine Salicylate (BHA) and willow bark water to help clear blemishes. It is easy and comfortable to use since 70 pads (wipes) are pre-soaked in a plastic jar. The reviews are saying…

  • Pros: effective in acne & whiteheads, remove excess sebum
  • Cons: can be irritating for highly sensitive skin
  • Available at Ulta ($22)

Step 3: Serum

Instead of a moisturizer, I am a big fan of serum when it comes to the morning routine. Right balance between the nutrition/moisture and lightness that will not cause any skin trouble is the key for combination skin. For me, light serums have worked so well to fulfill the needs and ultimately replaced moisturizers in my morning routine.

Torriden Dive-In Serum is another top sellers in Korea now, ranked as #1 in essence/ampoule/serum category in Hwahae, and 9th bestselling product in the entire skin care category in Olive Young Korea – check out my previous post for Olive Young’s position as a major beauty shopping channel in Korea. It also won multiple awards from Hwahae, Allure, Naver, and Unpa which is another beauty mobile app in Korea.

  • Pros: light, calming/soothing, moisturizing
  • Cons: not to expect dramatic effect, could be dry for some users (if so, try mixing with oil)
  • Available at Olive Young Global ($20.40)

It isn’t too complicated, right? Let your morning skincare routine easy but effective with this 3 step guide. Your feedback or questions are always welcome!

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