Best Korean Sunscreens You Should Try This Summer

  • Introducing best sunscreens that are beloved in Korea right now
  • Based on Hwahae ranking and Olive Young bestsellers

The Korean sunscreens are becoming milder to even start blurring the line between a skincare product like serum or moisturizer. The new products like “sun serum” are flowing into the market.

Especially, physical sunscreens (versus chemical sunscreens) seem to have developed so well recently, that they are changing the stereotype of the chemical sunscreens – leaving white cast, hard to cleanse, and having strong fragrance. Think about the beach sunscreens that you might had used in your childhood…

Here I introduce the 4 mild and best sunscreens (1 chemical, 3 physical) that Korean customers fell in love with!

HYGGEE Relief Sun Moisturizer

As a new brand setting forth birch fluid from Finland as its main ingredient, its sun moisturizer quickly has become the #1 ranked product in Hwahae and Director Pi’s YouTube video since last year. This is the only chemical sunscreen within the 4 products that I’m introducing.

Reviews say…

  • Pros: hydrating, non-irritating, no white cast
  • Cons: no tone up. Fragrance (smells like soil)
  • Available at StyleVana

ROUNDLAB 365 Relief Sun Cream

Another bestseller from ROUNDLAB which is known for Dokdo toner. 365 Relief seems to be a good solution for someone looking for non-oily sunscreen with a matte finish. It is the non-nano physical sunscreen which is supposed to be safer to your skin.

Reviews say…

  • Pros: matte finish, natural tone up, no fragrance
  • Cons: drying, require more input to cleanse
  • Available at StyleVana

CELL FUSION C Laser Sunscreen 100

As a hybrid sunscreen type sunscreen, it has been a long time top-ranked product since 2016, and a bestseller in multiple channels like Olive Young and duty-free shops. It has a weaker PA score though compared to the other three in this post.

Reviews say…

  • Pros: natural glow, hydrating finish, easy to apply
  • Cons: oily, price (* found out that it is way more expensive ($34) in Korea)
  • Available at StyleVana

Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun

Dr.G is well known to have a great sunscreen collection including Brigtening Up Sun, and Airy Skin Up. Green Mild Up Sun has soothing ingredients such as ‘Pycnogenol’ extracted from pin trees. It is also clinically proven to be effective in blocking blue light and pollution (lipid peroxidation).

Reviews say…

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