Twice Nayeon 12.22.23

Nayeon arrived at the Incheon Airport to head to Jakarta with other Twice members. Nayeon showed up with super cute outfit this day.

Twice Nayeon

Wrapped in a snug balaclava, adorned in a stylish duffel coat, and grounded with the warmth of Ugg boots, this ensemble is such a cute look!

Nayeons’ Ugg is Classic Chillapeak in Burnt Cedar color.

Twice Nayeon

Nayeon’s coat is from Louis Vuitton and looks like it is a brand new model that is not yet showing on its website.

Twice Nayeon

Nayeon’s bag is also from Louis Vuitton – Over the Moon.

Twice Nayeon Louis Vuitton bag
Twice Nayeon balaclava

And the highlight…! Nayeon’s balaclava is from Tatiana – Soft Melange Hoodie Balaclava.

It is so cute and should be warm. I might get one for myself go get through this winter ❄️

Twice Nayeon balaclava

Nayeon rabbit 🐰

Twice Nayeon balaclava

Stay warm!

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