Kwon Eunbi Outfit 10.17.23

Kwon Eunbi showed a cool style on her way to record “Kwon Eunbi’s Young Street”, her radio program aired on SBS.

Kwon Eun Bi

Eunbi’s both top and bottom are from MUSEE. MUSEE is a brand launched by designer LEE JU HYUN, pursuing classic and minimal style.

Eunbi’s unique top with uneven hemline at the bottom is AVEC Unbalance Zip-up Knit Cardigan.

AVEC Unbalance Zip-up Knit Cardigan
Kwon Eun Bi

Eunbi’s cool white slacks is MUSEE’s LEO Wide Belted Slacks-Ivory.

Kwon Eun Bi

Kwon Eunbi’s new hair with bang looks cute! 🐰

Kwon Eun Bi

Kwon Eunbi’s backpack is from Couronne.

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