How I said goodbye to blackhead & whitehead

Why I love it

Blackheads and whiteheads – mostly on my nose area – have been my permanent enemies growing up. Blackheads when I was a teenager, and whiteheads since mid-20s to now. CNP Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit, which now I have been using over 7 years at least, has been a game-changer for both blackheads and whiteheads. I tried different products like nose strips, clay masks, rubber masks, etc. but I always get back to this product. It definitely deserves my first post for Holy Grail Series!

“In a Nutshell, it has been the most effective product. For 7+ years”

What It Is

The product consists of two masks and black cotton swabs.

  • Mask 1, in a white package, is to dissolve blackheads and sebum quickly. It is refreshing and cooling, and has a slightly minty scent.
  • Mask 2, in the green package, is to tighten the pores. It is slippery and a more hydrating feel than mask 1.
  • Black swabs are to physically remove the dissolved sebums after Mask 1.

What It Does

  • Mask 1, as the core product of the kit, consists of natural ingredient extracts – sage leaf extract, melissa officinalis leaf extract, arctium majus root extract, etc. – combined with CNP’s patented formula to stabilize and capsulize in nano unit. This mask, soaked with this combined liquid is supposed to rapidly penetrate into the pore and effectively remove the sebum inside.
  • Mask 2, soaked with witch hazel and Oleanolic Acid, it tightens the pores effectively. It also soothes and hydrates the area.

How to Use

  • Step 0: Apply basic skincare products after cleansing face
    * Regarding “basic skincare products”, I stop at toner step and try to keep my face light and not oily to maximize the effect of this product
  • Step 1: Apply Mask 1 (white package) to the area with blackheads (for me, nose) for 10~15 minutes
  • Step 2: Remove the mask and wipe the area with the black swab by rolling it in multiple directions – out from in, down to up
  • Step 3: Apply Pore Mask 2 (green package) for about 5~10 minutes and remove. Gently pat the residue to absorb. No need to wash out.

Pro Tips

  • It will be a great partner with your favorite daily exfoliator (for me, 2% BHA Liquid from Paula’s Choice). With this combo, I barely see whitehead or blackhead.
  • Use a warm towel on the area with blackhead before using the mask to open the pores
  • Put Mask 2 in the fridge before use to maximize the effect
  • After using Mask 1, I recycle it on my chin or the area between the eyebrows where I have additional whiteheads. It is efficient and actually works!
  • Cheapest in Amazon as of now ($18.79/10 pairs). Great price regarding its original price, about $26/10 pairs in Korea.

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